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Our Mental Health Plays a Vital Role in our Health as a Whole

Our Mental Health Plays a Vital Role in our Health as a Whole

You are so normally mentally with it..

This was a friend’s response when I finally opened up about my mental health issues. We’ve known each other for ages, more than half our lives… and she found it hard to imagine that I, of all people, could be going through something like this.

Yes, I am usually the one who is “normally mentally” with it.
The one who can give positive reinforcements.
In fact, the go-to person when people need help.

I guess that’s why going through that was a lot tougher for me.

I’m not used to this feeling.
I am usually the tough one, the strong one.

It was easy to take care of myself when things were going well. It was easy for me to be open and vulnerable when things were relatively good.

Going through that mental health struggle put me in unfamiliar territory, and I was terrified.

It felt easier at that time to just fake it and make it seem that everything was OK when it was not.

It was extra difficult for me to ask for help, to open up about it, but I’m glad I did.

I’m thankful that the wifey was always there for me.
I am grateful for my family who always supported me.
I’m happy that friends stood by me.

I am definitely better than I was a year ago.
And I will continue to get better.

I am writing this, not to bum you out, but to let you know that it’s ok.

If you are going through something, take your time.
Take all the time you need.
We all have our way to process these things.
Reach out if you need help.

Hugs and kisses to everyone.

You never know what someone is going through. Be kind. Always.

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