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Understanding Toxic Positivity: Defining Its Meaning and Impact

While positivity is essential for living a fruitful life, it's essential to recognize the harmful effects of toxic positivity. We must know how to balance between positivity and authenticity.

5 Ways To Unlock Your Potential In The Tech Industry

Unlocking your potential in the tech industry is a journey. Here are FIVE things you can do to help your journey.

Building And Maintaining A Positive Money Mindset

Having a positive money mindset reduces stress and enhances your general well-being. It's also the first step in achieving long-term financial stability.

Better Life

(YouTube Episode) What does it mean to have a better life? Check out this YouTube video where I explore this question further.

Effective Ways to Pay Off Debts

Yes, it's time to be jolly... but in order for us to be truly jolly in the long run, we need to take care of our finances. Here are some...

Welcome to the (new) Channel

(YouTube Episode) Announcing the relaunch of my channel! I will try to post more videos in the coming months.