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Better Life

What does it mean to have a better life? Well, that really depends on your situation. Let’s be real and ask ourselves which areas we need to focus on today! Your focus may change next month, next week or even tomorrow… but, today, what do you need to work on?

In today’s video, I ask about the different areas that you may want to focus on so you can start living a better life. Did I miss an area that others might need to work on? Let me know.

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If you’re here for answers, then boy oh boy are you in the wrong place.

Here, I don’t give answers. Instead I only help by asking the right questions to live a better life.

So, let’s start there. What is a better life for you? There are so many aspects of life, there’s work, health, relationships. There’s faith, sense of belonging. Of course, there’s money, financial freedom.

Which of these do you need to spend a bit more time on? Which of these areas are stable enough and requires less of your attention?

When we prioritize everything, we prioritize nothing, and end up back to square one.

So, again, what does a better life mean for you? What is the most important area that you have to focus on at this point in your life?

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