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Product Camp: Product Management workshop for Filipinos

Product Camp: Product Management workshop for Filipinos

A Quick History

Did you know that Product Management started way back in the early 1930s? IKR. I just found out about this too. Thank you, Google. Those in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry might be more familiar with the term Brand Management which was its origin. It was only in the 1990s when technology advanced and the gaps between engineering and brand management widened. This is when product managers and product leaders were brought in to bridge the gap between teams.

I don’t know exactly when the role came to the Philippines but, personally, I only found out about it about a decade ago. The term sort of evolved from Business Analyst to Product Owner to Product Manager. Now I’m sure there are a lot of intricacies about these terms so I won’t even get into that. That’s simply how I experienced and got to know about it.

Enough Product Management History

The point is product management is still in its infancy in the Philippines. Yes, we are starting to develop better products, but we are still way behind with the rest of the world and, even, our ASEAN friends.

This is exactly why two brilliant* Product Managers, Dino and JD, decided to launch Product Camp. They want to help Filipinos adapt to the digital world and empower us to build and manage meaningful tech products. This is not just your generic product management workshop, they have localized the contents and examples to make it more significant to the participants.

*I might seem biased here since Dino and JD are my co-hosts in Around the Bonfire but that simply means I have worked with them a lot and recognize that they really know their stuff.

Why should I care about Product Management?

There are plenty of reasons but let me just quote this report for you:

It’s a good time to be in product. Salaries are 3x higher than the U.S. mean average, and over 55% of respondents say they’re hiring in the next six months. Whether staying put or making a move, PM’s can feel confident in job security and bright prospects ahead–not something everyone can count on in the wake of 2020.

Future of Product Management Report

What will campers learn?

By attending the half-day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define product management and the different roles of product managers
  • Explain the different pillars of a tech product and how they work with each other
  • Analyze case studies and apply the lessons at work
  • Design the right process for your product teams
  • Jumpstart the careers (of newbies) in product management

Who should join the camp?

Since the workshop deals with a lot of foundational topics, it caters to different audiences.

  • From the student who’s interested in exploring a career in tech product development and management,
  • To the aspiring individual who is looking to transition into a product role, with or without a tech background

How do I join?

The next camp will be this October 23 from 1 to 5 pm. I know they have an early bird discount so head on over to their website NOW, or simply click here to Join The Camp.

Product Camp: Making Managers out of Campers

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