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Next Step Training & Consulting: The only choice for corporate transformation

Next Step Training & Consulting: The only choice for corporate transformation

Next Step Training & Consulting, the best training and consulting company in the country, just celebrated their 10th year anniversary this month. Best, really? Yes, really!

First, let me just share some things during the time that I worked with them, and you will see why they are the best.

What did you enjoy about working with Next Step Training & Consulting?

This might come as a cliche but it’s really the people. It’s not just the lead facilitators and consultants, by the way, I loved the clients as well. Time spent with these folks was always fun and insightful. I also enjoyed how almost every session was a new experience. Part of Next Step’s mission is to provide a fresh approach to developing people, and, boy, did we live up to this. We were always coming up with new modules and new activities, and always personalizing our content in each session.


Favourite memory of working with Next Step

I could write a book from all the fun memories I’ve had with Next Step, from duct-taping convention centers to crazy travel stories and mishaps to fun moments with fellow consultants and clients.

There’ve been a lot of memorable programs too. Different types of programs. The Red Ribbon EMS (indoor modular) rollouts with 27 batches nationwide, the Mang Inasal Tatak MI with over 10 batches (of indoor and outdoor activities) in about two months, a retirement program for an MNC and, of course, all those stressful and tiring but super fun conventions.

So, yeah, that was a non-answer but you can’t really blame me. That fresh approach made every session memorable.

Personal accomplishment while working with Next Step

I remember getting the distinction of Most Requests by a Consultant a couple of years back. No, no. Clients did not request for me. I requested to be rostered. I consider this an accomplishment because it was the best year for me in terms of learning. I learned so much from working with different lead consultants, different programs and, of course, different clients. Of course, I learned and I earned 😅

I was also able to (temporarily) get over my fear of leading large groups. I was able to lead a couple of activities with over 100 participants. There was even a time I co-hosted an event with over 300 participants. Yes, my knees were shaking like crazy but I got it done. pats myself on the back


What has working with Next Step Training & Consulting taught you?

I learned a lot but I’ll keep it to these three things for now.

  1. Growth Mindset. When I first came in, I quickly realized that I knew nothing about being a good trainer, but also that I could learn to be one.
  2. Always be ready. Prepare and plan everything, down to the minute even. But also to be ready to change or even scrap all that, if needed, because…
  3. It’s not about ME, it’s about the client. Another cliche, I know but the Next Step team really takes this to heart. They showed me what it really meant to care about the client. To take time in getting to know them, in personalizing our content, down to the language and terminologies we used. Not just per company but per session. That way we can connect better and allow our participants to have the best experience possible.

Once you’ve worked with Next Step, there’s really no turning back. They will be your ONLY choice for corporate transformation.

*I realized that I often interchange we and they/them. That’s because, even if I haven’t facilitated any program for a while now, they still make me feel like part of the family 💚

What are you waiting for?

The folks at Next Step do not really like to hard sell, so I’m not sure how they’ll react to this. But, this is NOT about helping Next Step. This is about helping you, my friends. 😘 I have heard of way too many stories of teams pausing their development because the virtual training they got was substandard. Well, that’s cause you have not worked with Next Step yet.

If you are ready to take your team to the next level, even during this pandemic, contact Next Step Training and Consulting NOW! Get in touch with them via email or through their Facebook page.

Let them know I sent you so they’ll take special care of you. Just kidding, they always take special care of all their partners. 😉

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