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Fresh Start for

Fresh Start for

About a year ago, I decided to purge all my old blog posts dating all the way back to late 2000s. Yes, I’ve been blogging that long.

It was a purge that the site, and I, needed.

Yes, it’s important to look back at the past but you do not have to bring them with you all the time.

Talking about the blog, I simply backed-up the old posts, zipped ’em up and kept them somewhere. I may or may not need to revisit them, but I know they will always be somewhere safe for me to return to. If I need to.

I suppose that is true for life as well.

There are some things that are better of left in our memories. As fun as it is to look back at them once in awhile, we have to focus on what is the present and where we are headed to.

Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe others did not mess up their blog posts too much and don’t really need a fresh start.

Whatever Works For You

Hey, whatever works for you.

What’s important is that you and I know what, if we need it, we can always have a fresh start.

For, this fresh start will be, as Bob Reyes said, “about everything under the sun… including the sun.” It will be about everything that I am passionate about and, as you know, is a lot of things. From food, technology, personal development, relationships, and leadership.

This is my personal space to allow my inner self to express its feelings to my external self. If you are here, thank you for sharing the space with me. If you are not here… well, I hope you are in the space where you need to be.

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