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I am super excited to be part of the launch team for Michael Sliwinski’s upcoming book: 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity #10stepsbook


How did I become part of this launch team?

Those who have worked closely with me know that I was (still am) one of the least organized folks out there. I try my best to follow those 5S policies but always end up cluttering my workspace. I have a really bad memory, so have a tendency to forget things. I have a hard time saying no and end up with too much on my plate.

Yes, I am aware of these limitations of mine. However, I am consoled by the fact that:

“It’s hard even for a naturally organized person not to get lost without a good productivity system.” #10stepsbook

So, instead of fretting and giving up, or trying to fix myself, I decided to place support systems to help me overcome this limitation and become productive:

  • I put down everything on my Google Calendar, including personal appointments
  • I use Evernote to keep references for easier retrieval
  • And, of course, I use Nozbe to keep track of my tasks and projects

I don’t have to be naturally organized to be productive. I just have to be really determined to make the best use of my time… so I can have more time for the essentials.

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