Sweeping Time

After a three (almost four) month hiatus, I am finally back!

First things first… a lot of housekeeping.


I have been blogging since 2011 (actually, way before that but I was not able restore the back-up the content prior) and I have a lot of stuff here that are now useless. It made sense to post about them back then, but now they are simply unrelated to the focus of my blog.

I thought about removing these many times before, but never got myself to do it. Somehow I always found an excuse to avoid the task. Today, I just went ahead and did. I removed all posts about Food, Random Images, Software Testing and similar unrelated post. I also deleted everything in my drafts folder. Yes, all 50+ of them. All of which I will probably never finish anyway.

I might decide to restore these on other sites someday but they just do not belong here. At least, not anymore.

I suppose this is true not just in our digital lives, but more so in our personal lives. Some things, some events and, yes, even some people no longer belong in our present. They are simply… excess baggage.

We need to be more intentional in sweeping away those stuff that are holding us back, and keeping only those that are relevant to our present and our future.


* With INCLUDER in my Top 10 Talent Themes (know more about the StrengthsFinder Themes), this does not come easy for me. I need to constantly remind myself to let go when necessary.
** I am not saying that we should abandon those who need us — just because we have no use for them. Of course not! I am simply saying that we should not force ourselves on other people.

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