StrengthsFinder Meetup

The topic for the StrengthsFinder Meetup last Feb 28 was perfect for the love month.

TOPIC: Let’s talk about strengths and its role in relationships!

So, you know that StrengthsFinder could be a valuable tool at work. But does it really play a role in your relationships? Does my spouse or bestfriend notice my talent? Let’s find out this Saturday. Bring one of your closest friend, your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse along with you! Specially if they’ve taken the StrengthsFinder test too!

I was able to convince the wifey to join this, unfortunately a personal emergency forced her to back-out at the last minute.

Still, the topic seemed really interesting so I went ahead and decided to go solo.

[V] and [C]’s Sharing

After the initial chit-chat, we started the session with a sharing from the host and his wife about the role of Strengths in their relationship.

Here are the points they shared:

  1. Self-Awareness: Knowing their strengths allowed them to be more aware of themselves and their tendencies, which is always an important ingredient in any successful relationship. I am actually writing a related entry on this.
  2. Managing Expectations: Knowing their beloved’s strengths allowed them to tune their expectations as well as their actions. It made them realize the cause of some of their past conflicts, and helped them resolve and avoid them.
  3. Complementary: Knowing each other’s strengths allowed them to manage their weaknesses, helping them decide who will be the best person to tackle a certain task. Not Independence, Not Dependence… Interdependence.

I was just nodding away the entire time (and I’m sure the wifey would too!) as I was definitely able to relate to their story.

Break-away Session

For the second part of the session, [V] split us into smaller groups. Since there were no other couples, they grouped the close friends together and others were *forced* to group with strangers.

Such was the case for [G] and myself.

At first, I really thought it would be awkward, but I’m glad I was wrong. We had a pretty awesome conversation and I definitely learned new things from him.


To end the session, we talked about our take-aways (lessons learned) from the session. Here’s my take-away from the conversation with [G]:

A talent does not have to be boxed in its particular domain.

For example, a talent in a Strategic Thinking domain could actually be used for Relationship-Building.

To learn more about the meetup, check out StrengthsFinder Philippines Network on Meetup.

Side Story: Thank God for Includers

I got to the venue a bit too early (so early that I had to walk around until they opened). As I was sitting in my own little corner, I noticed a couple of ladies walk in. I overheard that they were talking about StrengthsFinder so I looked up. I immediately remembered one of the ladies but was too shy to join in.

A couple of minutes later, the host arrived and approached them. Still, I was too shy to do anything. I honestly did not know what I was gonna do then and was really trying to muster all my courage to approach them. Luckily for me, Louie arrived and immediately said hello which then allowed me to join the group.

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