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Strengths Coaching Explained

“Strengths Coach? So, you’re like a fitness coach?”

I think being a fitness coach would be an interesting career but I’m glad I am not. Let’s face it, with my well-rounded physique, I will probably have some problems with my credibility. 🙂

I decided to write about it since I have been asked that question numerous times since I started posting and talking about StrengthsCoach.PH.

So, what is Strengths-Based Coaching?

Personal Development

Before I answer that, let me start by saying that this is about personal development — not just physical development which a fitness coach focuses on.

The Conventional Approach to Personal Development typically looks to “maintain each person’s strengths and work on fixing their weaknesses.” Some have argued about this being conventional or typical. I asked them to observe the annual performance review processes of companies and see what the focus was.

Compare this with a Strengths-Based Approach to Personal Development which “focuses on each person’s strengths and manages around their weaknesses.” This is based on the belief that “a person’s most direct path to individual growth and improvement begins with a primary investment in his or her greatest talents.”


I have been exposed to coaching for quite sometime before attending the Gallup course but their definition quickly became my favourite.

A coach is a person who invests in and interacts with an individual, partnership, or team for the primary purpose of stimulating, motivating, and facilitating the growth, development, and performance of that individual, partnership, or team.



Before I merge these ideas (Personal Development and Coaching), let me be more specific with the talents that I mentioned earlier as I’m sure some of you might not be familiar with StrengthsFinder.

Gallup defines talent as naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied.

StrengthsFinder is an assessment developed by Gallup that aims to uncover these natural talents. The assessment has 177 carefully selected questions (actually, pairs of “potential” self-descriptors) and will take you about 30 to 45mins. Gallup has identified a total of 34 talent themes (learn more about them here: StrengthsFinder Cheat Sheet) and the StrengthsFinder will measure the presence of these talent themes in you. It will list down the sequence of these themes starting from the ones that are most natural to you. You can get the full list (for $89) but I would suggest that you start with the basic Top Five Signature Themes (for $15) so you can focus on them first.

Note: You can purchase a StrengthsFinder 2.0 book at the nearest book store near you and it will come with the code. Or, you can purchase a code online at the Gallup Strengths Center and you will be given access to an e-book.

Not only will you get the sequence, but you will also get a personalized in-depth strengths profile. This describes your natural talents, including suggestions on how to best use them at work, as well as your personal life.

Bringing It All Together!

To bring this all together, Strengths-Based Coaching helps individuals fully appreciate how their strengths profiles influence their behaviours, activities, and relationships.

Behaviours are the way a person respond to a specific situation — each theme describes how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. The way a person responds to a situation influences their activities (how they get things done), and it can influence their relationship with others.

Strengths-Based Coaching then helps the individual go beyond self-awareness and develop these talent themes further into strengths.

Gallup defines a strength as the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity.

Finally, Strengths-Based Coaching helps the individual aim their strengths towards specific performance goals.


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Ryan Salvanera is an Executive Coach who helps teams and individuals maximize their unique powers, taking them from good to great to AWESOME! Ryan is the Founder of Coach Rye and a Co-Founder of Wissen Solomon and StrengthsCoach.PH.

Ryan’s top five talent themes are:
Relator, Arranger, Learner, Maximizer and Individualization.

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