Pwede na ba ‘yung “Pwede na”?

Pwede na ba ‘yung “Pwede na”? loosely translates to:

Is “Good Enough” Good Enough?

This was the title of the forum organized by a Family Psychology class at Miriam College. It was actually a private forum but, luckily for me, the class’ teacher, Ichel, was a good friend of mine so I got a free pass.

I was a bit disappointed though coz my good friend, Dominic, was apparently not a speaker but was just there to support his wife, Mitzi. It was all good though since I heard a lot of awesome insights from all the guest speakers.

Ichel: I will be waiting for Dominic to lead the “from a man’s perspective” version of this. =)

Aiza, Mitzi, Ichel, Nica, Trixie.


Here are some of the points / ideas that the panelists shared.

  • On how to know that he is The One
    • The guy respected her and was sensitive to her needs
    • Learned from previous failed relationships
    • Important to be friends first. Seems idealistic, but it is possible
    • Know the person before you fall in love, i.e. know him before you get blinded with infatuation
    • Go through the Discovery Weekend test
      • I’m proud to say the wifey and I attended this retreat and passed =)
  • On dating without marriage in mind
    • Go ahead. You are still young. Explore.
    • Think of it as networking
    • Dating is a way to find yourself
    • One of the panelists mentioned using Tinder
      • I’ve been procrastinating on writing about the app, but this inspired me to write one soon
  • On giving space or healing together after a fight
    • Most said it was good to give space
    • One did say that it depends on the individuals involved
  • On separated parents and how it affected her perception on relationships
    • Parents are not perfect. Hold on to that time they had a great relationship.
    • Prepare for the scenarios that led to their separation. Read books. Look for a role mode couple

Final Advise From The Panelists

  • Get to know yourself. Build yourself. The “You complete me…” line is B.S.
  • Don’t be afraid to get your heart broken. Heart Broken=> Heart Breaks Open. Makes more room.
  • Choose someone you can choose everything… and be that person they will choose
  • Cum Laude before Cum Lande.
  • Pray

Don’t wait for the best person. Be the best person.

It was certainly a lesson-filled afternoon for the young ladies at Miriam College. How about you? Do you have any tips / advice you want to share?

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  • Trixie Umali

    Thank you for watching us, Coach Rye! Hope we were able to share a lot to everyone. I was also hoping for a male’s perspective. Maybe the next time Ms Alignay hosts another forum! 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by, Trixie.

      I’m sure the attendees learned a lot from you and the rest of the panelists that day. Yup, a similar forum from a male’s perspective would certainly be cool… especially if Dominic will be a panelist. Calling on Ichel, please make this happen 🙂