Note: This is a late post about the OneCore learning session last week.

I hate to post about a seemingly negative topic on Valentine’s day but, come to think of it, those who are in wonderful relationships don’t really need much on this day. It is our single friends, especially those going through heartaches, who actually need our help and attention.

That was exactly why OneCore decided to have this particular session right before V Day.

Surprisingly though, the topic did not attract the number of participants that I thought it would. Then again, I guess some are simply not yet ready to talk / hear about it, especially with VDay coming up.

In the end, I felt that it turned out to be for the better though.

The small number allowed for a more interactive, heartfelt discussion. It was wonderful seeing them nod when they relate to something being shared, not just from Coach Pia but from the experiences of the other participants. I can only imagine how much more meaningful and fruitful the upcoming workshop will be.

I noted the points that Coach Pia shared in her slides below.

I won’t delve deeper though, so as not to ruin the experience for those attending the workshop next week. Instead, I will share my favourite takeaway from the session:

It has to be Point #3. This is something that I have shared to my friends and coachees. Personally, I decided to do this, to be okay by myself, years before I met my wife, my first girlfriend at the age of 27.

In the end, being okay by myself allowed me to never settle, and I ended up finding the best partner there is for me.

Also found this good video on FB just minutes ago.

You are awesome! Please, don’t forget it!

If you have friends who need to be reminded of this, please feel free to share this with them.

Coach Pia’s Slides

What’s the big deal about falling in love?


Make time to fall in love with things that you have taken for granted

If it is valuable, why have you taken it for granted?


Be the best suitor, be the best lover that you ever dreamed of.

It’s not the budget or the grandiose/elaborate planning — it’s the openness & willingness to be sensitive to each & every need

Spread love to others who are single too — simple acts of kindness go a long way 🙂

“If you make friends with yourself, you will never be alone.” — Maxwell Maltzfriends-with-yourself



Decide that it is more than okay to be alone on Valentine’s or any day of the year.

Better to be alone than to “settle” with someone who is unworthy of your time and love.

Characteristics of an unhealthy relationship VS having the freedom to just be (me)

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