Lessons from “That Thing Called Tadhana”

Let’s pretend for a minute that the story-line of That Thing Called Tadhana is realistic.

You know, that a beautiful, young lady would actually ask a stranger to accompany her to Baguio. Ok, we can pretend that it’s the 21st century and some girls may actually be that up front.

Next, let’s make ourselves believe that a young, smart professional man would actually agree without hesitation. Sure, some will definitely be tempted if someone as beautiful as Angelica but I bet any guy with half-a-brain would still be suspicious. With all the modus operandi today, who wouldn’t be. I don’t even trust a frail, old lady* anymore, what more a gorgeous knockout like her.

* A frail, old lady once tricked a quarter of million pesos out of a good friend of mine.

1. Timing is Important

I guess this is the idea of tadhana after all. That things fall in the right places at the right time.

Things would have been totally different for the main characters if one had taken an earlier flight or if the girl was still in a relationship or if the mom was still alive to travel with the guy, compare that to what happens in real life when people fall in love at the wrong time.

I’ve seen wonderful couples, who seem perfect for each other, break up because of wrong timing. They were either too young to take the next step, which eventually strained the relationship or they were just burdened by other things going on in their lives at that moment. The most common though, and this is where it becomes contradictory to the movie, is when one has just come fresh from a relationship. Often, that excess baggage becomes too much for a new relationship to survive.**

** To be fair, I’ve seen some relationships survive this but, more often than not, they don’t.

2. Courage is Necessary

It takes courage for a relationship to work.

Asking a stranger took courage and saying yes took courage as well.

In real life, relationships won’t work if either one is afraid. Afraid to make the first move. Afraid to take the next step. Afraid to open up.

Which brings me to my last point.

3. Conversations. Deep, open conversations are Crucial.

The characters’ relationship, I believe, flourished because of their openness to each other. They let themselves become vulnerable and unafraid to share intimate details with each other.

Real relationships can only work if they have an open communication line with each other. Intimacy will only be achieved if a lover is not afraid to let their beloved in, into their deepest fears and their wildest dreams and aspirations.

Here’s a bonus…

4. Money Matters

Check out this infographic:

The cost of Tadhana

Yes, in real life, money does matter. Unromantic as that may sound, research has shown that one of the main causes of relationship dysfunction are financial problems.


Have you watched the movie? Care to share anything else that you’ve learned from it?


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