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I. Am. A. Coach.

There have been times in the past, too many if you ask me, that I have second guessed myself from talking about my coaching practice. In fact, when asked about it, I tend to get fidgety and unsure of myself.

It was while reading Jeff Goins‘ book — entitled You Are A Writer — that I realized how silly I was.

I have been doing this for years… more than half my life actually.

Young Coach

I noticed this gift back in High School. It was never easy for me to make the first connection but, once I did, it was natural for me to deepen the conversations* and, consequentially, my friendships. In these conversations, my friends either use me as a mere sounding board or, sometimes, request my advice. Yes, strictly speaking, that was not coaching but the numerous insights I gained from those conversations definitely led me towards it.

Apart from these conversations, I also started coaching my house’s (yes, we were like Hogwarts) ladies’ basketball team. The experience helped me build my leadership and influencing skills.**

Both necessary in coaching.

Not So Young Coach

Through the years, the trend continued.
– I continue to counsel friends (and even acquaintances)
– I am coaching basketball teams… in different leagues.

Making It Official

Finally, a few years ago, I joined The OneCore, a global organization that supports people in making Better Life Decisions. I am now a certified facilitator for them and is journeying towards my ICF (International Coach Federation) certification.

So why the hesitation still?

I thought about this some more and realized that, since I have not done a lot of 1-on-1 coaching at OneCore, most of the feedback I’ve received about my coaching have come from friends. This makes me question myself:

  • Am I really qualified?
  • They are probably just being nice.
  • Do I have enough experience?
  • But I am not certified.

Thanks, Jeff!

But Jeff is right. Just like how writers must be true to themselves and risk by putting their work out there, I too must do the same for coaching.

Here’s an excerpt from the book which I have personalized:

I found my dream not by searching for it, but by submitting to what I had always hoped was true: I was, in fact, a coach. All I had to do was coach.
Anyone can do this. All it requires is a simple, scary solution: Believe you already are what you want to be. And then start acting like it.

How about you? What is your dream?

* In hindsight, this was my RELATOR theme in action
** In hindsight, these were my MAXIMIZER and INDIVIDUALIZATION themes in action

It also helped that I took the StrengthsFinder assessment from Gallup Strengths Center, as it showed me that my strengths were indeed leading me towards coaching 🙂

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Ryan Salvanera is an Executive Coach who helps teams and individuals maximize their unique powers, taking them from good to great to AWESOME! Ryan is the Founder of Coach Rye and a Co-Founder of Wissen Solomon and StrengthsCoach.PH.

Ryan’s top five talent themes are:
Relator, Arranger, Learner, Maximizer and Individualization.

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