Mom's Unconditional Love

Mommy’s Unconditional Love


I had a similar conversation (like what John talked about in the video) with my mom, that showed me just how unconditional her love was for me.

This was after college around early 2000s, when I would spend hours on the phone* (no Facebook and SMS then**) with numerous friends. Although I had these conversations with guys too, most of my callers were girls.

One night, after a couple of these phone calls, mommy called me to the living room and we had this sweet conversation:

M: Ryan, who are these girls you always talk to on the phone?

R: Just my friends

M: You are XX years old. How come you’ve never introduced us to any girlfriend?

R: (Feeling the pressure, I irritatedly said) Coz I don’t have one. 

M: (a couple of seconds of silence … )

M: You know it’s alright if you are gay. I will love you no matter what.

That conversation gave me the security that John talked about in the video.

People are sometimes amazed at how confident I am about myself, my body and my self-worth… now you know, it all started because MOMMY gave me Unconditional Love that resonates till today.

Mom's Unconditional Love

How about you? Do you have your own stories of unconditional love that you have experienced in your life?


* Looking back, this might have been the start of my coaching journey as I listened to people’s problems and shared insights with them.
** Yes, I am that old.

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  • Toni Tiu

    Awww, that’s so sweet and funny too. 😀

    • @tonitiu:disqus: Thanks, Toni. Mom always had a unique way in showing her affections to us 🙂