Step Back

Don’t run away from your problems.

I’m sure we’ve all heard this before and why not? It’s a great advice and often the right thing to do.

Once in awhile though, it’s important to take a time out to re-energize. Not run, but simply take a break and step away from the daily grind.

Get away from the city. Flop over a lazy chair. Take in that fresh air. Read a good book. Have a great laugh with friends. Relax. Re-energize.

Step Back. Relax. Boracay.


One Step Back. Two Steps Forward.

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Coach Rye

Head Coach at Coach Rye
Ryan Salvanera is an Executive Coach who helps teams and individuals maximize their unique powers, taking them from good to great to AWESOME! Ryan is the Founder of Coach Rye and a Co-Founder of Wissen Solomon and StrengthsCoach.PH.

Ryan’s top five talent themes are:
Relator, Arranger, Learner, Maximizer and Individualization.

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