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SMDC Condo For Rent — Light Residences

While I was sitting on the *throne* this morning, my wife asked me to post this ad for the rental of our SMDC Light Residences condo unit.

She usually takes care of doing these sort of tasks but, she has an upcoming event so, I figure I’ll let her use the time to prepare for that instead.

We had originally planned on occupying it ourselves but since we have moved work locations, we decided to stay elsewhere. So, we have to rent it out now.

SMDC Condo For Rent

About The SMDC Condo For Rent

The unit is perfectly located right beside the (Boni) MRT station along EDSA so transportation/commuting options will not be a problem.

Other things that might interest you about this condo unit:

  1. One Bedroom Unit. 23.46 sqm. P18,000 / month inclusive of Association Dues.*
  2. It comes fully furnished. Bed, Sofa Bed, A/C, Breakfast Table, Refrigerator, Gas Stove and TV.
  3. Amenities includes a gym and a couple of pools.
  4. The *throne* comes with a bidet! Oh yeah!
  5. A mall is under construction downstairs.

Feel free to contact my wife via email ( Let her know you read this so she’ll be impressed with my ad-writing skills. 🙂

Friends — You’ll make me really happy if you share this with your network! You want me to be happy, right? 🙂



* Terms: Two months advance, two months deposit; plus 11 post-dated checks

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