Return To Innocence

As the plane zoomed midway across the runway to take-off, more than half of the passengers have already dozed off. It was not a red-eye flight but, still, too early for most folks on vacation mode.

As we took off, we all ignored that usual feeling of air pockets in our tummy.

Well, almost all of us did.


As soon as I felt that funny feeling in my belly, I heard children giggling from the back. Was it there first time on a plane? Maybe, but maybe that’s not the point. The giggling and then the laughter that followed were so innocent and pure that I couldn’t help but smile myself.

Oh, how beautiful it is to have a child’s innocence. To marvel at the simplest of things. To be amazed at the humongous metal contraption that flies us around. To appreciate the wonders of mobile technology. To appreciate the information highway, no matter how slow it may be at times.

To, once again, look at life with such wonder and amazement.

the most beautiful smile in the world is that of an innocent child

Don’t worry, it’s not too late for us. It’ll never too late. I’m sure the child in all of us still resides beneath the masquerade and wall that we have built.



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