Book Review: Relentless by Tim Grover

Win or lose, all he thinks about is how he could have done it better or smoother or faster or some way other than how he did it. So the job gets done, but he’s still always thinking about how he could have done more.

I actually finished reading this book months ago while on vacation in the beautiful Boracay Beach. It’s kind of oxymoron if you think about it now, reading a book on being relentless while relaxing on one of the world’s finest beaches but, hey, we all need time to sit back and re-focus, right?

What I loved was the straight-forward, no B.S. style of writing in the book. It was borderline arrogant but this is exactly the kind of confidence that being relentless can bring out in us.

It took me awhile to write this review though because it was too full of gems and hard for me to figure out which one I should highlight.

Inner Drive. Passion.

Inner drive is nothing more than thought without action.

Passion, a strong feeling or emotion… Now what?

There are times we have been content with having that desire, that passion to do something without really working on them.

“I really, really wanted to go to the gym, but I just couldn’t find the time.”

“It’s OK. At least you tried”

B#!!$4!+. Your wanting something does not get you anything. You can’t find the time, then make time! You can’t go to the gym, make a gym at home! Tim Grover talks about the kind of relentless mentality that does not settle for excuses.


A great leader knows the best way to get people to raise their performance is to put them where they can truly excel, not just where you want them to excel.

As expected, I love this statement because it is exactly the kind of philosophy that strengths-based leadership champions.

Relentless by Tim Grover


But I’m convinced childhood is overrated; you can have a much better childhood as an adult, when you have the freedom and the affluence to enjoy it. You get this small window to be a legend, and you have the rest of your life to act like a kid, at any age.

This is self-explanatory so I’ll leave it at that.


Every dream you imagine, everything you see and hear and feel in your sleep, that’s not a fantasy, that’s your deep instinct telling you it can all be real.

Yes, it can all be real. Impossible Is Nothing if you are relentless in your pursuit of excellence in your chosen field.



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