Internet Fame

The Sign of Internet Fame

I was so happy when a friend told me that she had some articles posted on Rappler. She has been blogging for quite some time now and, although she was never in it for internet fame, it has always been a dream of hers to be featured on that website.


She had been writing about all sorts of topics and finally found what she wanted to write about: Her Life as an OFW (Overseas Filipino’s Wife).

You can read her published articles here:

The Sign (and Price) of Internet Fame

Looking at the reactions (and comments) on her articles, it looks like she has indeed reached a certain level of internet fame. Yes, unfortunately, with that dream of being published comes not only the good reaction, but some overly negative ones. Comments that include name calling and (a lot of) judging, based on a couple of articles a person wrote.

Internet Fame

As a friend (and someone who knows her and her intentions) I wanted to reply to those naysayers. Try to set them straight or, heck, just give them a piece of my mind.

What For?

But then I remembered this article from one of the blogs that I followed:

In Search Of An Argument

Has it ever been easier to experience an emotion at the click of a mouse? It’s a choice.

You can instantly become enraged, merely by reading the comments of some blogs. You can amplify your self-doubt by checking out what the trolls on Twitter have just said about you. And if you’re really interested in bringing yourself down, go read some reviews of your work online.

Sure, if you want an argument, it’s easy to find a never-ending one online.

The question is, why would you want to?

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  • Di naman siguro fame. I just see it as striking a chord that resonates with a lot of people 🙂 Thanks for sharing Ryan!