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Warning: I am writing this to vent-out some anger. I try not to do this often, but once in a while it is a necessary evil… to keep me sane and to keep me from getting violent.

Before the start of our first semi-finals game at the Village East Summer League last week, there was a bit of a commotion. The commissioner wanted a member of my team off my bench. His logic was that only players, assistant coaches and the coach were allowed on the bench.

The person-in-question is listed as a player but, due to some legalities (which I do not care to go into details on), he could not play for us. Technically speaking, he is not playing for the team but he is (on all accounts) part of the team.

Power Trip

The power-tripping* commissioner threatened to discontinue the game if I did not give in. In all honesty, I would not have done so… but majority of the team decided to just give in, to just get the game going.

So why was this a big deal? A close friend of the team was also asked (just a couple of weeks ago) to step off the bench, but I happily obliged then. What was different now?

The difference is that this person is part of the team. He has done his share in taking the team to where it is now. Through the practices and the games he got to play in, he earned the right to be there.

Beyond Basketball

Yes, he made some questionable decisions in his past that prevented him from playing, but (even if he is really not part of the team, which I insist he still is) what good does it do to isolate him. Does it really have any effect on the game whether he is sitting there with his teammates? Even if it did, so what? It amazes me how that fool thinks the end result is on the scoreboard. **

The real result is in how basketball is able to teach these young players about life… how it can make them better people.

Brgy Enema - Beyond Basketball



* Yes, I am aware that using this adjective made this cross the rant border 🙂

** No, I am not saying that winning or losing does not matter because damn, losing hurts like hell. I am saying though, that there is more to it than that. Here are some life lessons one can learn from basketball.

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