mini blogs. short and sweet.

Mini Blogs. Short and Sweet.

When I started blogging, I read lots of articles about how to “supposedly” do it properly. The right number of words. The right number of images. How to do proper SEO. Using a captivating email. And so much more.

They were great articles, sure, but instead of helping me, they only paralyzed me.

I am not a naturally-gifted writer like my siblings, so putting my thoughts into words was hard enough. Trying to incorporate all the suggestions made it close to impossible. And as I read even more tips and suggestions, it just got even worst.

I ended up with tons of drafts that never made it out.

So, maybe it’s time for another paradigm shift. Maybe it’s time to just write what I think and how I feel. After all, that’s the reason I started blogging anyway. Forget about the technicalities. Forget about all those tips and tricks. Heck, forget that I am writing for anyone else but me.

Just be real! Just be me!

Credit to the following blogs/posts for encouraging me to try this mini blogs approach:

Coach Rye
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Coach Rye

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Coach Rye
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  • Toni Tiu

    I support that! Just write from the heart and the words will flow out. 🙂

  • gp

    I had an idea. I posted my idea. Got my idea? hehe

    • I would rather that you post your “idea” … Tara! Let’s start that passion project of yours.