Look Up! Look Down!

Father, mother and son were seated right next to my brother and myself. Nobody was talking! Not surprising though as they were all quietly enjoying the awesome katsu meal at Saboten. With their unlimited lettuce salad, miso soup and rice, I was pretty sure we would do the same too once our orders arrive.

A few minutes later, we got our unlimited salad. We dug in — ok, I dug in! Between bites, we talked about the long queue that was starting to build up outside. Still, silence on the other table. Ok, maybe they’re really full and just need time to relax.

Ten minutes later, our main course was served. Oh my! The Clay Pot Chicken Set looked delish so we dug in — ok fine, just me again! Between bites, we talked about how it was pretty good but was really just a more sophisticated way of presenting Katsudon. Still, eerie silence at the other table.

I looked over and saw this:

Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean!

Look Up vs Look Down

Anyway, this reminded me of a video that went viral a couple of months ago

… and the responses it got

Another response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwKpOCFiDcI

First of all, I am not about to judge the family over one lunch. Secondly, as my brother pointed out, we had those times too when growing up. It was not iPhones and Facebook then, but we had Game N’ Watch Popeye and Octopus to distract us. Lastly, I have been working in tech for the longest time and it would definitely be hypocritical of me to start bashing it now.

What’s The Point?

Look Up! Look Down!

A friend once posted this on Facebook: social media is anti-social. agree?

My simple response was: It all depends on the user.

Technology can be used to isolate yourself from the world. Technology-related scams are all over the place. Technology can be used as a tool to stalk (and even harass) people. Cyber-bullying is a really big issue nowadays.

On the flip-side, technology is awesome for keeping in touch with your friends from all over the world. Technology can be used to help the less privileged. Technology, as I am experiencing now, is an awesome tool for long distance relationships.

Ultimately, as I told my friend, it is really up to us how we want to make use of modern technology. Do we use it to limit our lives or to enhance it?

Look Up! Look Down! The decision is OURS!

Let’s continue to make Better Life Decisions.






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