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5:15AM. The sound of my phone’s alarm woke me up from my deep slumber. As if on cue, I slowly rose from the bed, reached for my phone and tapped snooze. Usually, I’d just plop back into my free fall sleeping position and doze off but today was different. I plopped back but I could not doze off.  Instead, I laid there with a smile on my face. Today is my birthday!

It wasn’t just that though. There was something special about this birthday!

No, it wasn’t the presents. Honestly, I was not expecting anything this year. Don’t get me wrong, I have received some pretty awesome gifts from my family — even at my age. I guess being the bunso (youngest) does have its perks despite these “problems.”

For the past few weeks, the wifey has been “bugging” me about what I would like to receive as a gift. Same goes for my brother who has been asking me what I wanted as a pasalubong from his Euro trip. I probably could have gotten away with some expensive stuff, maybe a pair of Italian leather shoes or even the latest iPhone (yes, I can be a spoiled bunso). But I didn’t want anything.

Later today, the wifey sent me a text: “Yey, naisip ko ngayong bday mo, start thinking of 37 people you want to thank and put it in your blog =) ano tingin mo?

She actually started this awesome #ThankfulThursday habit whereshe’d message a person who has made a significant part in her life. Cool, right?

Great idea!

However, as I stood in front of the blank monitor — I have a standing desk set-up —  I couldn’t come up with anything.

No, it was not the lack of people to thank. It was actually the opposite. There were too many and I could not come up with a way to narrow down the list… even when I lump them together.

That’s when it dawned on me. I didn’t want anything because I was happy.

Sure, there’s a long way to go up the career ladder. Yes, I still have not been successful in building that tech startup that I dream about. Heck, I could do a lot better financially. I have many unfulfilled goals and dreams.

But I am happy.

I will continue to work my way up that ladder. I will continue to dream and perspire for that startup. I will struggle to find more ways to make and save money.

But I know everything will be fine. Because even as I continue to chase those goals and dreams, I already know that I have everything.

It truly is a HAPPY Birthday for me.




Coach Rye


Update: Before I published this, I still received some awesome gifts from family and friends. Thank you and I love you all…




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