My Google INBOX review

I am a sucker for productivity tools! (Yes, this is my MAXIMIZER and ARRANGER StrengthsFinder themes at work!)

So much so that I have to consciously stop myself from researching all the new tools that came out as it was seriously becoming counter-productive. Instead of helping me become efficient and get things done, the constant influx of new tools has become a distraction. So to control myself a bit, I decided to quit checking out each and every tool that come out, and instead rely on reviews and recommendations from some trusted geek friends.

And who else to trust but one of my ultimate geek friends, JPUB, who invited me to check out Google INBOX a couple of weeks ago.

To learn more about Google INBOX, check out this page ( or watch the video below:

Here are my initial thoughts on it.

The Good


    Since I downloaded the app, I have been able to get to INBOX ZERO more times than I have done in the past five years. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do with different apps but somehow, this just worked. The MAILBOX app was good but I still found myself constantly using the native GMAIL app for other email features.


    This feature is really part of what allows me to do #1 but it deserved a point on its own because it has been that useful for me. I have only used the time-based snooze for now and already it has allowed me to organize my tasks better. As for the location-based snooze, I already have a couple of use cases in mind that can really help me be more productive.

    Others might point out that other apps already had this SNOOZE feature, which is true. I have used a couple of such apps (MAILBOX, EVOMAIL) before but what I love about Google INBOX is that the feature is also available when accessing it via web browser. I can now disable those funky custom Google Scripts.


    There are a lot of articles out there that tells you NOT to use email as your ToDo list. This Google INBOX feature will make you question that advice as it simply makes it more convenient to keep them both in one app.

    Admittedly, I still have a couple of ToDo apps installed, but I plan to slowly phase them out as soon as I transfer my recurring tasks into Google INBOX.

So far, my experience with Google INBOX has been lovely but, of course, it has not been all good. I do have a wish list that I want to send out to the Google INBOX team so watch out for Part II of this review.

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