The Shortest PSA On How To Handle Drunk Girls Passed Out On Your Couch — EVER

What to do with Drunk Girls

This is pretty much how I treated drunk girls so I always thought this was common sense. **

Apparently, I was wrong.

Upworthy made this part of a “special series on the misconceptions surrounding sexual violence. ” and I thought I’d do my part by passing it on.

** So, OK, maybe I didn’t always think it was common sense.

True story: While drinking with friends, my crush (back in the day) asked me to accompany her to the restroom at a dark back alley. She was completely drunk and was all touchy-feely. Part of me wanted to take advantage, but somehow I managed to keep her away. I kept that incident to myself for sometime because I knew I would be teased by the guys. Somehow, being gentlemanly made me feel unmanly.

Weeks after, my crush asked me about the incident (since she had broken memories of the night). After I told her what happened, she was totally grateful. We still never ended up together though, but I sure gained a friend for life.

See Upworthy post here: The Shortest PSA On How To Handle Drunk Girls Passed Out On Your Couch — EVER

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