Catch-Up and Stories

I’ve been putting off my writing for quite some time now; but today’s events were simply too interesting to be ignored.

Catch-Up Coffee Thursdays!

Mr P (an officemate) recently started a weekly ‘thing’ of inviting colleagues and former colleagues for a quick morning chat. He calls it “Catch-Up Coffee Thursdays! I’ve read articles about setting up these kinds of meetup but, although I loved the idea, never got to organizing one. And since I usually in early anyway, I decided to drop by and see how it is doing.

The other guys who dropped by were Mr P’s usual breakfast/lunch buddies, but somehow I felt comfortable and at ease. There weren’t really any deep, life-changing conversations but it was nice to be able to dialogue with them, to talk about other things outside of work.

The conversations were meaningful enough to get me thinking, “I’d really love to catch up with some of my old friends. To have this kind of dialogue with them.”

Story & Co

The day did not end there though.

Ms C, called up and asked if I wanted to attend a story-telling event (my brain: NOT INTERESTED) and that there was free food (my tummy: OH YEAH!!!). Man, she knows me so well! Hahaha.

Story & Co.

Like I mentioned, I was not in the mood to listen to some random story and since I had just started my DIEt, I did not really feel like going.

But it has been awhile since we met up with Ms C so wifey and I decided to go anyway. I just had to promise wifey that I will resist the temptation (which I kept by the way… thanks to her piercing looks every time I got near the buffet table!)

Some thoughts before the event started:

  • Free food just to listen to some stories. What’s the catch?
  • Could this be some religious group trying to recruit believers? Oh wait, it could be a cult! Noooo!
  • Yikes! Another trick to get us to a “business opportunity” pitch!
  • These guys must be attention-whores

Sorry guys! But you did want me to share what I expected at first…

Loving Your Job

It was a totally different mentality afterwards though. The first story-teller, Jaykee, started off quiet slow (like he said, he is not really used to speaking to a crowd) but by the end of his talk, he had shared so many wonderful insights. Do not let your work define you. Money is important, but it should not be the main goal. Do what you love, Love what you do! (I am paraphrasing here but that’s my take-away from him)

The next activity was to approach a stranger and just chat. I got to talk to one of the organizers, Woolim, and was amazed at their vision for the group, Story & Co.

The next story-teller, Neil, was awesome. As Ms C said, apart from the wonderful stories he shared, he had this enchanting voice that simply captivates the audience. I became even more interested when he talked about his work which used Gallup’s Strength-Based Leadership. What was even more amazing was how accommodating he was when I approached him to ask about his work.

The night ended with a small group discussions. I was grouped with the wifey, Ms C, Ms R (who shared a mutual friend with Ms C). It was cool how we were able to share stories with Ms R like we have known her forever, and how I still learned some pretty new (and cool) things about the wifey and Ms C despite knowing them pretty well already.

The next event will be on the last Thurs of April, and I will definitely invite some friends as well.

Please like their Facebook page (Story & Co) or follow their twitter (@StoryCoManila) to get updates!

Catch Me!

In the meantime, I plan to organize my schedule and try t0 catch-up with some old friends, and maybe share some new stories about each other.

If anyone’s interested, give me a buzz.

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