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Another Google INBOX review

As promised, here’s Part II of my review of Google INBOX.

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Or as I’d like to call it…

My Google INBOX Wish List

  1. A More Efficient Way To DELETE

    Deleting messages is not as efficient as I’d want it to be on the mobile app.

    On the browser, I could click the dropdown menu straight from the Inbox and then select Trash. On the mobile app, I have to click the title to view the message, then click the dropdown menu before selecting Trash.

    This may seem insignificant but for someone who tries to follow the GTD method, one of the first things on my workflow is to DELETE any unnecessary email that gets through Google’s SPAM filter so one action less means a big deal. There is still some space on the message header, why not have a DELETE button there?

  2. Customizable SNOOZE Times

    Like I mentioned, I love the Google INBOX’s SNOOZE feature. However, it can be better if
      a. There are more Quick Options when you select SNOOZE. They should check out how Swipes does it.
      b. The SNOOZE times can be customized. My mornings start earlier than 9AM and my EVENING starts later than 5PM.


    They probably left this out to be minimalistic but I just prefer to have my contact details as footer especially when composing new email — just in case the recipient does not have them yet.

I have a couple of other minor nuisances that I would like fixed in Google INBOX but I’ll leave it at this for now. Besides, I’m sure I’ll come up with more as I continue to use it, and continue to use it I will as this is definitely …

The Inbox That Works For Me!



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