The 90/10 Principle

It was one of those rare moments when we actually got to board the aircraft earlier than scheduled. Feeling grateful, I slipped into my window seat and sat quietly, reading my book.

Then Capt Esguerra went on the PA system, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! The runway in Manila … ”

“Oh My God!” the passenger next to me exclaimed. “Blah. Blah. Delayed. Blah. Blah.” She then turned to her friends at the back and said something like “Don’t even start with me. I have Air Rage.

I googled it, there is actually such a thing as Air Rage.

We were supposed to leave Kalibo airport at 745pm and arrive in Manila at 9pm.


We landed at 805pm.


There are two lessons here:


before you speak. I don’t think this requires any explanation.

The Captain ended up announcing that we could have arrived even earlier than 8pm, but the runway could not accommodate us that early.


More importantly, it reminded me of:


The 90/10 Principle

What is this 90/10 Principle all about? It simply states that:

10% of life is made up of what happens to you.
90% of life is decided by how you react.

A lot of negative things happen to us and, in a lot of cases, we do not have control over these events.

We can’t stop the car from breaking down. We can’t avoid traffic during rush hour. We can’t stop the plane from running into delays.


But we can control how we respond.


What did Ms Air Rage get with her reaction? Apart from making a fool of herself, she got nothing. In fact, even if the flight actually ended up delayed, then what? Does her reaction get her anything then?



Honestly, I have been (and sometimes continue to be) guilty of this, but I now try to respond more rather than react.

Sorry, I just had to insert this photo.


I still dislike delayed flights, but would just sigh and use that additional time to read more.

I still disagree with some game calls, but have gotten better at controlling my emotions. Yes, I still get T’d up, but nowadays, these are often calculated moves.

I still have some arguments with the wifey, but I have gotten better at quieting myself down instead of banging heads with her.

I am now able to brush off the uncontrollable better, and focus my attention on the things that I can control.


How about you? Which aspect of your life can you better practice the 90/10 principle?





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