How was your week?

I saw a friend ask this on FB: “Ikaw, anong nagawa mo?” (You, what have you done?)

I just shared yesterday the wonderful stories/moments of volunteerism and heroism that I was able to witness (see Hope After Haiyan). Yet, I feel like I need to share more again.

Ladies In Action

A friend of mine called me up this morning that they again needed able-bodied men to help carry those heavy sacks. Despite knowing that I was in NO WAY able-bodied, I still decided to rush over. This is the scene that greeted us when we went in… Ladies, carrying those huge heavy sacks.

A Friend In Cebu

In my story (see Friends Coming Together in Hope After Haiyan) yesterday, I forgot to mention another friend in Cebu who helped out.

MommyJ (of Mom and Pop Moment) (Yes, that famous blog with all the Pork Barrel Scam tidbits) did not personally know my friend but just a quick call and she helped me secure them a pension house, including a ride from the pier. That’s not an easy feat especially with most of the pensions houses and hotels already fully-booked because of other refugees.

And, get this, she was actually experiencing contractions as she was helping out. Crazy huh! But that’s just MommyJ… always ready to help.

Thanks again, MommyJ. You are an angel.

Manong Driver

Then there’s this story I read on my timeline:

While being dropped off at Villamor AirBase:

Manong Taxi Driver: Ma’am, mag-volunteer po kayo? (Ma’am, are you going to volunteer?)

Me: Opo. (Yes)

Manong Taxi Driver: (hands me back P20 of my fare) Pakisama naman po sa i-d-donate niyo. ($0.50 Please include this in the donation.)

I constantly doubt the good in humanity, but I’m glad I’m proven wrong all the time. Makakaabot po sa kinauukulan, Kuya.

How about you? What’s your Yolanda Story?

Please share so others can be inspired by it too.




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