Want a mentor? Just ask ’em

Before my break time with a friend, I too needed some insights on my own. I too was in search for a mentor.

Now, I have been reading startup and entrepreneur articles (see example) that advised their readers to just send an email, but I was always too shy about it. What if they say NO? What if they ignore me? So many what-ifs…

I don’t know what it was (I was probably just needed someone to bounce ideas with… or maybe it was because I just was feeling lost on how to proceed with a current idea I had…) but I just decided to tweet someone I knew could be a mentor to me. Yes, a tweet! 🙂

You see, he is an old friend of mine from back in the days. I knew he was doing great in the tech industry but since we have barely reconnected (I greeted him once when I saw him walking along Ayala while I was driving… and RT’d / replied to some of his tweets but that was it), I just did not feel good about it.

Luckily though, he was really great at it. He replied after a few minutes and soon, we had made lunch plans within the week.


I met with him and good so many insights from him that I am still processing some of ’em until now. What’s amazing is… I knew he was a big deal in the industry but I didn’t know he was THAT big. I only knew after because he certainly did not show any of it when we met. He was as humble and as accommodating as ever.

So, yes, to cut the long story short… JUST ASK! I’m sure I would have been disappointed if he chose to ignore me, but the opportunity I got (of getting his insights) was definitely worth the email tweet I sent!


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