The Bro Show

The Bro Show

I just watched the replay of the pilot episode of The Bro Show and found it totally hilarious.

The Hosts of The Bro Show
The Hosts of The Bro Show

I have to warn you though that it may not be suitable for those who are sensitive as their jokes might come of as a bit offensive. Just like how this guy felt:

Mga wala respeto sa babae!

Anyway, I wanted to chime in on some of the questions that came up on their show.

Touring the NBA Players

I was actually trying to think of other beach destinations but I’m sure Amanpulo would top those anyway. How I wish I can say that based on personal experience. 🙂

Apart from beaches and girls, I would really love to take the players to a local basketball game. Be it a Manila Classico or a Blue vs Green UAAP match!

I’m sure this will make them appreciate (even more) just how basketball-crazy the fans in Manila are.

LeBron vs Kobe

It was not a matter of would you watch it, but how much would you pay to watch it?

This is a tough question but I think a fair price would be to have it around the same range as the tickets for the Global Games. After all, the Global Games featured two full NBA teams with a couple of All-Stars… I’m sure paying that sum to two players would be more than enough.

MJ vs LeBron / Kobe

I love watching Coach Chard but his answer to this made me lose some respect 🙂

How could any real basketball fan say NO to watching MJ one-on-one? It does not matter what his age is… that is the G.O.A.T. playing… and I bet he will be just as competitive going against current superstars.

I would pay just to see him on Philippine solid, so I would definitely pay to see him play. Maybe even more than I would pay a LeBron vs Kobe.

Coaching Flare Up

I don’t think I can top Coach Chard’s answer to this. I don’t think I’ve even accused a player of “making benta” or match fixing.

The worst that I’ve done was got into a tirade when one of my players got a technical just after I explicitly told the team not to. Yes, it’s ironic that I lost my cool after telling them to keep their cool 🙂 What made it worst was it was down to the last minute and I decided to bench him (as I said I would).

As he was one of the anchors of our defense, this was not an easy decision but I knew I had to stand by what I said. Everyone was asking me to field him in. My coach (I also played in the same league but different division) even tried to persuade me to do it. Boy, did I get into another tirade with him.

Luckily we won, but the best thing about it was that I felt that the team respected me more for being decisive, and they have since been more coach-able.

Watch It!

There are some other good questions and dialogues in The Bro Show podcast, and I would definitely recommend you watch it. Again, note the warning earlier.

Here’s the link:


P.S.  Third episode is coming out tonight. 😉

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