The Starbucks Card

The Starbucks Card

It’s time again to put on my software/tech geek hat. This time I will talk about the newest thing in loyalty cards, The Starbucks Card, or what my office mates call “Ang Sosing Prepaid Card” (The Socialite’s Prepaid Card).

I was actually excited when I first heard about this since I do frequent Starbucks (especially while waiting for the wifey). Unfortunately, it was is a major FAIL.

Since I bought my cards (Yup, cards since I bought one for the wifey too!), I have been trying everyday to register it. Before today, all I got were the spinning wheels of Safari and Chrome, which ends in an error message, “Sorry, we are too busy to serve.” I exaggerate but I’m sure you get the point. I tried again before I wrote this blog and was able to get through but encountered an even worst problem in Step 2.

Starbucks Card Reg Step 1
Step 1
Starbucks Card Reg Step 2
Step 2

Never mind that the buttons are not aligned (in both Safari and Chrome, even though they say that the site is viewed in Chrome). Never mind that I was asked to enter the card number and security code again (I was already asked this prior to Step 1… wait, maybe that should have been Step 1. Oh well!). I got stuck! The Create Account button in Step 2 does NOT work!!!


I tried to open another browser and check if, maybe, my account was actually created… Wishful thinking!

To make matters worst, their Starbucks Card system has been DOWN since Tuesday. 🙁

Starbucks Card System is DOWN

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