The One Core FREE Learning Session - Finding Your Inner Greatness

Something NEW brewing for The One Core FREE Learning Session

I am both excited and nervous for this The One Core FREE Learning Session this month.

The One Core FREE Learning Session - Finding Your Inner Greatness


Apart from the interesting topic of FINDING YOUR INNER GREATNESS, I am excited because I will have a different role in this session. I’ve been attending these sessions as a facilitator for the past couple of months but have mostly stayed in the background. I usually interacted with attendees before or after the session, and on a more personal level.

Next week, I will actually be speaking on stage with other facilitators. This is definitely something new for me and I am really excited.


Of course, with that excitement comes a tinge of nervousness. Ok, a lot of nervousness. You see (those who knew me from way back knows this) I have stage fright. It was so bad back in college that I remember tearing up (ok, crying) after one of the classes where I had to speak in front of the class.

It got better during my YFC and SFC days, but I still get shivers a few moments before I go on stage.

Let’s Get It On!

Despite my stage fright, I just felt that I had to say YES to Coach Pia’s request for us to speak. I am excited to speak on such a wonderful topic and to (hopefully) help someone out there make Better Life Decisions through it.

See you there!

September 10 (Tuesday) 7pm at The Top Shelf, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

To register, please contact One Core at 436-4143 | 0922-894-4143 |

Or you can check out our blog at

Here’s the map to the venue:

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