My Version Of The Decision

Don’t worry, this is not as dramatic as this 🙂

In the part few years, I have been conducting summer training programs for one of my favourite teams to coach.

Now, I am not one to have favourites but this bunch of players have endured some grueling physical drills and even more stress on their eardrums, all for the love of the game. They were able to gain my respect because they are one of the few who have been able to match my passion and commitment for the game. Of course, it helps that I did win my first championship as a coach with them.

Unfortunately, this summer, things were different. I no longer saw this passion and commitment. Although I understood that each one has bigger responsibilities now, it just felt different. So, I decided to stop the program and decided that I will no longer coach them.

Fast-forward to last Monday… one of the team captains chatted with me and asked me to re-consider. He mentioned that they had talked as a team, and want to prove that they are still as committed and as passionate as before.

I could not really give a definite answer yet. Yes, the passion to coach (and, of course, for basketball) lives in me but will they be able to match that passion? Will they be able to stay committed and focused on our goal?


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