For a few years now, I have been practicing the Art of Multi-Tasking. Luckily for me I have managed to get away with it so far.

I have a day-job I enjoy (great company and great people). Our dim-sum franchise (Kowloon House – Bangkal) is slowly picking up after moving locations. I have started to pursue one of my dreams by becoming a facilitator at One Core. We have also made progress (albeit slow progress) on our startup project, SportScout.PH as well as open a Photography Studio (The Dark Room Photography) with my brother and friends.

Of course, I understand that all this would not be possible if not for the support and understanding of my family, especially the wifey. Truly, I am blessed.

Still, I am very much aware of the argument against multi-tasking so here are some tips that helped me, and I hope it can help you too.

  1. Know and Manage Your Priorities
    One should consider both project-level priorities as well as event/task-level priorities. My day-job is (obviously) top-priority but there are some events at One Core which will take precedence over some (non-work related) meetings at work. 🙂
  2. Manage People’s Expectations
    At least of the people who matter. In my case, I am very fortunate to have the support of my family, especially the wifey. She understands that my weeknights (and even some weekends) will be consumed with all these activities  and totally supports me.
  3. PDA
    Some people don’t like it but, personally, Personal Digital Assistants have worked wonders for me. Just because I multi-task does not mean that my schedule is jumbled up and that I just pick whatever task comes to mind. My smartphone syncs all my meetings and appointments as well as my action items, and this allows me to organize my days properly. Reminder: Back-up, back-up, back-up!
  4. Learn to say NO
    Despite all the things filling up your plate, people will always try to squeeze in even more things for you. When in doubt, revisit your priorities. If that task is not aligned, then Just Say No!
  5. Rest
    All these multi-tasking will take a toll on you, not just physically but emotionally and mentally. It could be a matter of taking a few minutes of your  day to just sit in silence and take a breather, literally just inhaling and exhaling, or something grander like a quick road trip  to a weekend destination. The point is, allow your body to rest and re-energize.

Hope That Helps!


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