Juana Change as the Pork Barrel


Like I mentioned, I usually do not go to gatherings on my own. However, something was again amiss when I woke up and I just knew I had to be at the MillionPeopleMarch.

Unfortunately, I had just come from a fever and usually going out would mean arguing with the wife — who of course only wants what’s best for me. But amazingly, no arguments when I told her. She simply prepared breakfast and even asked if I wanted her to tag along (to which I said no since I knew she had other things to take care of). What a supportive wifey! :*

Juana Change as the Pork Barrel at the MillionPeopleMarch

Here are some images I took from today on my Facebook Album

I wanted to add my thoughts on this but found something on a friends wall that somewhat expressed my exact sentiments:

On the one hand, it shows that there are still people who are socially aware and are willing to take a stand. However, I feel apprehension that this will be another exercise in futility…

Still, I’m hoping that these events will help enlighten Filipinos make better decisions in the next elections.

Videos have been uploaded on Youtube.

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