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After being stranded in the house and unable to work yesterday because of MaringPH, I tried to go through my day in the usual manner I would approach a holiday. Woke up a little late. Dropped by the office (a little unusual but wanted to check on a teammate who came in). Worked a bit at a coffee shop while waiting for my wife.

However, something just did not feel right. I just felt that I needed to do something.

So I …

  • Tweeted some friends in Cainta if anyone needed help but they said they were all OK.
  • Texted folks if they wanted to join the relief operations or maybe send donations, but most have already done so while some had other things going on.

So, as much as I dislike going to places on my own, I was just about ready to head on over to one of the relief centers. A friend of mine then made a suggestion, why not organize a donation center at Basty’s*?

Things took off from there…

  • My brother was quick to give the go-signal on the idea
  • My brother then texted someone to make sure we have a place to give the donations to
  • My wife asked one of the staff to prepare the box and signage
  • My wife and I headed down to the nearest grocery to buy our own donations
  • We then tweeted @movePH who were quick to respond and promptly listed us as one of the few drop-off centers in Taguig
MaringPH Donation Box
Oops.. wrong spelling! Hey, it’s the thought that counts!

So for those of you living (or working) in the Fort, we are still accepting non-cash donations (food, toiletries, etc) for MaringPH. We are located at GF Net Quad Bldg, 30th St cor 4th Ave, BGC, Taguig City.**

I am still planning to head to one of the relief centers soon but, for now, I am just glad we are able to do a little something to help out.

How about you? Please let me know if you have other ideas on how others can help even more.  Thanks.


*Full Disclosure: Basty’s is owned by my brother, my wife and some other partners.
** For a list of other relief and donation centers, please check this out:

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