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At the end of the three-day Management Fundamentals program, our trainer asked us to speak about one think that we will “take-home” from the workshop.

Right away, I knew that I had to speak about Situational Leadership II. Situational leadership speaks of four leadership styles (directing, coaching, supporting and delegating) and four development levels (based on . competence and commitment). Those who developed this idea believed that a certain leadership style is to be followed depending on an individual’s development level.


Unfortunately, this is not always the case as each leader usually sticks to the leadership style that they are most comfortable with, instead of adapting to the individual.In the role-playing activity that we did, I was able to see how such actions could leave my team members’ lost or, untrusted and unmotivated.

Delegating when Directing was needed...
Delegating when Directing was needed…

I have a feeling that my leadership style preferences are S2 and S4, but I was told that there is a questionnaire that will formally evaluate that. Let’s see if my perception matches reality.

How about you? What is your leadership style preference?

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