How To Hit Life’s Curve Balls

Life has a messed up way of throwing curve balls when we least expect ’em.

When I was younger (and way dumber), any of these curve balls seemed to have the same weight to me.

From the worst thing that happened in my young life… losing a loved one. To the smallest of incidents, like finding out one of my closest friends was dating my (then) ultimate crush, or being told that I will be missing my graduation and will not be able to say goodbye to my high school friends . Yes, I was one of those emo kids…

All these felt like the end of the world.

Petty and pathetic, right?But, like I said, I was way dumber then. Luckily, I have wised up as I got older.

It’s OK not to be OK

This (for me) is probably one of the biggest things to remember. I feel that it is important to acknowledge that those temporary feelings of hurt, despair and (sometimes) anger is OK.

I’ve had some friends who refused to acknowledge that they are not OK. They brush off the incident and rush themselves into moving on. This could result to open issues that could (potentially) lead to worst things later on.

Let It Out!

This is one thing that comes naturally to me. Like I said, I was an emotional kid.

I can openly cry in front of friends and I can talk (for hours too) about what I am going through.

For those who are not as chatty as I am… you can still let it out. I know folks who express themselves through their writing. Some publish their writing, while others don’t.

The important thing is to let it out.

Time Heals!

Another thing to remember is that time heals all wounds. Some wounds may take longer to heal completely, some may never heal in your lifetime but they will always feel better in time.

By the way, it is important to understand that we all have our process and that we each may require different times to heal.

Guiding Principle: Process

You Have A Choice!

Yes, sh*t happened, so what? Are you just gonna let that sh*t stay there and make everything stink like crazy? Or are you gonna clean that that sh*t up?

Life happens, it’s up to us how we respond to it.

How About You?

Do you have any tips on how you deal with life’s curve balls? Feel free to share them here.



Speaking of curve balls… Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox!

Check out this awesome artwork from my friend, AJ Dimarucot.
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