talking to an old friend ...

Break Time with a Friend

It was months in the making but, finally, I was able to have quick break time meet-up with an old friend of mine.

He wanted someone to talk with to help clear his mind and bounce ideas and insights about his current situation… and since he found out that I had taken on this life coaching journey, he decided to contact me.

Unfortunately, we just could not find a common time.

  • He was in the process of switching jobs then while I was busy multi-tasking.
  • Then when he finally moved to an office close to mine a couple of weeks ago, there was the FIBA Asia 2013.
  • Finally, as the tournament was finishing up, I gave him a call and planned to meet.

Old stories are like old friends. You have to visit them from time to time

This was NOT a coaching session. (It’s NOT often a good idea to coach a friend and, besides, we did not really have a good venue conducive to coaching.) Although he asked for some help and insights, this was really just two old friends having coffee and chatting. Some updates on our present lives, a peek down memory lane and talks about future plans.

If you ask me, there was really nothing tangible for us to take away from it. Still, I felt that reconnecting with someone from the past was worth the time. It certainly gave me another  perspective to view my current situation, and I hope he felt the same.

talking to an old friend ...

I am hoping that I could have more of these break time meet-ups with other old friends as well.

If you are an old friend, I’d love to meet with you. Actually, even if you are not 🙂 Feel free to buzz me via email, Twitter or Facebook.


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