A Life Coach Is …

A couple of days ago, I saw this shared on a friend’s Facebook wall:

Life Coach Quiz
Note: I asked the original author for permission to post this here


I did not really take this negatively though because I have heard similar sentiments before. There was also one comment (from someone I look up to) in the thread that stood out to me:

haha. what is amazing is that some people who want to be Life Coaches have f*ked up lives.

I mean, just last month, I got this on my Google Alert “Police: Life-coach radio hosts commit suicide together,” so how was I suppose to refute that? Besides, he did say *some.* 🙂

Anyway, instead of being all defensive about it (although I could not resist defending coaching a bit on my friend’s wall), I decided to follow (not troll) the thread to also read what other people think about Life Coaches.

How about you? What do you think?

I’d really love to get feedback so I can do my best to live by the good feedback and avoid the negative 🙂


Note: If you are interested to follow the thread above, PM me so I can send you the direct link 🙂



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