A Crying Angel

I was at the mall with the wifey last night. Since we knew we were a bit tight on the budget, with big expenses coming in the next few days, we decided to just have a light dinner at ChowKing. We ordered one Pork Chao Fan each plus one Wanton Mami to share.

Yes, we picked the cheapest one…

As always, she did not finish her rice meal and, as always, I was on it right away 🙂 While I was happy eating away her leftovers, I noticed that she had started tearing up. My first reaction was, “Oops… I thought she was done.”

Before I could say anything, I realized that she was staring at someone/something behind me. When I looked, it was an old man who had a bunch of plastic bags with him. In it were nothing but things he probably picked up on the streets, like some dispensable coffee cups, tissue papers and a lot of other things which would just come off as junk to most of us. As he was organizing his plastic bags, he politely asked some ladies in the next table if he could use the extra chair, to lean his stuff on. One politely said yes, while the others gave this man a look as if to say, “Ewww… stay away from us, you bum.”

It was a really sad scene but, I am a little ashamed to admit this, I found myself somehow immune to it.

Not the wifey though. As the old man organized his plastic bag, her eyes grew redder and redder. Seeing how sad she felt, I told her to approach the old man and offer him something to eat. She hesitated a bit but did just that. She stood up, approached the man, offer to buy him some food, brought the food from the counter and, true to wifey’s character, spent a while chatting with the old before she happily skipped away, beaming with pure joy.

How I wish I could break away from this immune system… to be able to help someone directly like that and not just through some charity. How I wish I could experience that pure joy like her.

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