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Seth Godin, one of the few bloggers I really love, wrote this:

Why ask why?

“Why?” is the most important question, not asked nearly enough.

Hint: “Because I said so,” is not a valid answer.

  • Why does it work this way?
  • Why is that our goal?
  • Why did you say no?
  • Why are we treating people differently?
  • Why is this our policy?
  • Why don’t we enter this market?
  • Why did you change your mind?
  • Why are we having this meeting?
  • Why not?

His observation about this important question not asked enough also holds true (unfortunately) in the world of software testing.

It still surprises me that testers (even senior ones) give me that surprised look when I ask them “why” something is supposed to work in one way and the other. Oftentimes, the answer is “because the requirements said so.” Yes, the equivalent of the “because I said so” above.

Sure, at some point we just have to concede with the “product experts” but we should at least wonder and ask about it.

That wondering mind is one of those essential things for a tester.


… let’s not get started on the “why not <this way>?” question. That can be a topic by itself.


Happy Testing!

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