The World’s Best Dimsum: Kowloon House — Now @ Alphaland

My earliest memories of Kowloon House dates back to my grade school days when we used to live at Panay Ave, Quezon City. We were a jeepney ride away from the (first?) Kowloon House at West Ave so I would often arrive home from school to a variety of dimsum goodies; siomai, jumbo siopao and, my favourite, asado siopao.

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(Here is Lakwatsero’s entry on Kowloon House: Bola-Bola Pao, Kowloon House – May 8, 2010)

After all these years (more than 20 now), it still tastes as good as it did and, apparently, I am not alone with this opinion. A couple of my colleagues and friends swear that it is still their favourite dimsum, and echoed this blogger’s sentiments that “Yes! It’s still as good as it was during my childhood.

So it was only right then that, when the wifey and I were looking for a business venture, we decided to try franchising our own Kowloon House.

… and after months of setting up (by the wifey), we will be opening our Kowloon House food cart tomorrow at the 3rd Floor Food Court of Alphaland Southgate Mall. Please do drop by. See you there!


Kowloon House @ Alphaland

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  • julie

    Magkano po magfranchise

    • Hi. Kindly coordinate directly with Kowloon House. Thanks.