I read about the LAST WILD PLACE in one of the blogs I follow and was quickly intrigued by their latest contest: The LAST WILD PLACE wants you to be part of the Cast

The Last Wild Place — a new reality TV show that explores the Philippine wild using eco-friendly and responsible means of travel across some of the most stunning places in the country, is now launching a unique opportunity for a member of the public to join the cast for the final episode.This once in a lifetime adventure will take the winner to the northern most regions of Luzon exploring the some of the last remaining primary forests in Kalinga and Apayao. Known for rugged and sloping mountain peaks, rivers, forests and cordillera culture it is set to be one of the most stunning places featured on the show.

The Last Wild Place is calling all adventure enthusiasts with an interest in eco-tourism and preservation to enter the competition. The ideal candidate must be willing to trek long distances,climb, camp, get bitten by bugs, work hard, be uncomfortable and sign a waiver. But must also be keen to enjoy breath taking natural beauty, meet amazing indigenous people, be an advocate for preservation, see captivating wildlife and have the experience of a lifetime.


1.Like the Last Wild Place on Facebook:

or follow @LastWildPlace on Twitter

2.Email explaining why think you would be a good host for the show, and what eco- tourism and preservation mean to you. Video entries are also optional.

3.The final step would be to log your entry via the Facebook or Twitter page, either post a message on theFacebook wall or send a Tweet saying ‘I entered the #LastWildPlaceCastingCall’

deadline for entries is 5pm on the 26th

of June, 2012.

For Casting Call updates and more information on the competition pre-requisites and filming schedule visit the Last Wild Place Facebook page.

Update: I got an error when I sent my email entry and was told (via their Facebook page) that I should instead send a private Facebook message.

Although I have recently hiked (the easy trail) to Mt. Pulag, I have not been as active as I used to be (way back when we set-up our own “mountaineering club”, The MaMaws).

Mt Pulag 2k10

Still, the thought of going through those forests in Kalinga and Apayao sounds way too exciting to pass up. So, although I was pretty sure that tons of entries will be sent in and that it will be a very long shot… I thought, what the heck, there’s no harm in trying.

So, a couple of clicks here and there, and then a couple more minutes answering the question as truthfully as I could and, voila, I was done sending in my entry… so what’s stopping you?


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