The Geek and His Coffee

As a certified geek, who (almost) always has my laptop handy, I would often opt to hang out at a coffee shop rather than a bar. I especially love the ones that serve my coffee or meal (or usually both) with Free WiFi.


Me at a coffee shop with another geek (Cal Tavera of C+C Designs)


Still the undisputed champion of coffee shops (not necessarily in taste but) when it comes to popularity, Starbucks can be seen all over the metro and even beyond. There are even areas, like Bonifacio Global City, where a Starbucks can be found in every other street.

Unfortunately, a lot of Starbucks no longer offer free WiFi. I guess they are too proud confident and know that they will still have patrons even without it.

I, personally, have decided to stay away from branches without free WiFi though, there’s just no point in hanging out with your laptop without WiFi (although I could still tether off my phone but that’s beside the point). I will be making exceptions though, since they recently brought back their promo with HSBC.

Since you get to choose any tall drink, I always order the most expensive… which happens to be their latest sensation: The Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino.

Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino
Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino


  • I did not really plan on ordering this at first but the barista proudly suggested it so why not…
  • On another note, some baristas get pretty annoying when trying to convince other patrons who are clearly not interested in trying something new. They need to learn to take no for an answer
  • Please read the fine print on the HSBC-Starbucks promo… especially on the Bonus Points to be used after your 20th redemption.


Seattle’s Best

When I am in the mood for really good and cold coffee drink, nothing beat’s Seattle’s Best’s silky-smooth Javanilla.


My curiosity got the better of me one time, and I decided to watch the barista prepare this drink. Apparently, the secret is that, instead of blending ice with mocha, they blend mocha ice cream. I didn’t get the brand of the ice cream they used though.



My current favourite is Tully’s, mostly because of its convenient location as it is just a block away from my office and the ideal place to hang while waiting for my brother. Their coffee is so-so but I love their blended drinks, especially the ones which they mix with Ghirardelli. Plus, of course, the free and reliable WiFi they offer to patrons is always a bonus.



Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Finally, there’s the ever dependable Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Dependable since all (I think!) of their branches offer Free WiFi, as long as you own a Swirl Rewards Card. As expected, I do own one and have in fact been a member for awhile now and it shows with the old design on my card.

SWIRL Rewards Card

To learn more about the SWIRL Rewards Card, check the out at:


There are a lot of other good coffee shops out there, UCC, Bo’s Coffee, Lavazza and a whole lot more, but these are the ones that I really frequent.

How about you, which one is your favourite?


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