Spreading Myself Too Thin

Unfortunately, this is just figuratively and not literally.

There’s been so much going on in the last couple of weeks and it has been totally overwhelming.

A couple of months ago, someone who once contracted me during my days as a developer suddenly called up to re-do their system because the desktop (and everything in it) got corrupted by a virus. It was not a huge contract (given that I had to reconstruct everything from almost ground up) but I knew these folks so I obliged.

Then a couple of weeks after that, I got in touch with the founder of the Software Testing Club who was planning to bring together a group of testers for freelance work. I have done some freelance work on uTest before but this was an opportunity to be involved from ground up, and for those who are not aware, setting up a community of expert software testers in the Philippines is one of my dreams.

It was still all good… I completed what I needed to do for my full-time work during the day, then worked part-time on the old application at night. The freelance testing gig has not gone full-blast so it did not demand much from me.

Recently, however, it has started to get chaotic again.

I recently attended a Juan Great Leap event (see my entry on that) and so many opportunities have popped up. And although exciting, I am now forcing myself to be a little more conscious about making sure that I always leave time for my life! The wifey has been totally supportive amidst all this so I certainly don’t want her to start feeling left out amidst all this.

I guess this is a good time to follow an advice that I often share with my friends (“coachees”): Balance! I need to make sure that I stay in control, and not be controlled by circumstances.


Editor’s Note:
I got the idea of this entry when I read Peter’s article on Leap, But Don’t Forget To Live.
I wrote this piece almost a month ago but forgot all about it… well, probably because of all these things I have spread myself on =P 


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