Real Idiot Box: Max Tall

This is the first of a series I will call Real Idiot Box — my commentary on the funny s#!+ I see on TV

Max Tall is an insole that one can use to supposedly make you seem taller by one to three inches.

It’s actually a pretty good ad campaign. I see their ads everytime I watch NBA TV, so they are sure to hit their target audience of males. Although they did include ladies in the commercial (see below), it is clear who they are realy talking to. I mean, what better way to emphasize a man’s “shortness” than to air it right after seeing those gigantic NBA athletes.

I found the scenarios depicted in the ad hilarious:
– a girl ignoring a shorter guy
– a professional being ignored by taller peers

Yet, it also disturbs me how I know of people who have these exact insecurities. I am not just saying this because I am taller than the average Pinoy. Before my junior year in high school, I was nicknamed Putot (Bisaya for short) but I do not remember ever feeling like my height would ever be a hindrance to anything. (Although I have to admit there was a time I thought my weight would be a hindrance… but that’s another story altogether)

How about you? Have you ever felt any of these insecurities?

Here’s the full clip:

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