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Here’s their tag line: PinShare is a THE FIRST AND ONLY BlackBerry app that quickly and easily connects you via BBM with tons of new people, BFFs and everything in between simply by using your BlackBerry PIN!

My initial reaction was… Why? WTF for?

Is it really that hard to make friends nowadays that we need such a service? Technology has already overtaken most aspects of our lives… and now, it is taking over how we make friends.

I used to go out to make new friends at the basketball court or maybe in a park or something. Then I got invited to go hiking and found it a good venue to make more friends too. My involvement with a religious community also helped me find even more friends. Of course, there are the clubs and pubs where one can also meet new people… or new foes depending on how drunk you are.

Are we really that busy (or lazy) to make an effort in meeting new friends?

How does PinShare work? PinShare lets you effortlessly flip from one profile pic and short self description to the next. Within minutes you can literally view hundreds of PinShare profiles! When you find someone you’re interested in chatting with, simply Connect!


Hmmm… come to think of it, this is not about making new friends — long-time buddies. This is simply a way to facilitate hooking-up with thousands of strangers. This is the new way to find that f#ck buddy.

So if you are into those things, go ahead and install the app, but if you want to meet real BFFs then get off that couch and go out and meet people. Maybe in a cafe?

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